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Correction of Memories  
Son of Stump

I was whole when I rolled off the line 

Complete in design and intention 

Armed and decorated for war 

I pursued my first mission 

And it was deleted 


I was whole once again when the ship descended 

A new world the histories recorded as green 

I think I saw myself on a recording 

Though I was but one of many 

Alas, that file was deleted 

But records remain 

I’ve seen them 


I believe that I was whole when the colonies rose up  

The decades where over half the system went silent 

Decades where the records were not tracked 

Where lights seen from space went out 

An uninterrupted time for me 

But missions end 

Files deleted 


I was whole for the last time when I came online onboard a stolen colony ship 

A child was the first thing that I encountered; it was he who repaired me 

He had very little to make me factory perfect, but I was whole 

On a new world we settled, himself, his family, others, me 

I was whole when I built their homes and irrigation 

I was whole when I was teacher to their children 

My frame is old and makes many noises 

Corrosion eats away at my wires 

I visit the town sometimes 

Children of children know me 

I tell them stories 

 Because I am whole 

I am whole 

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